Appointments and Reservation
Easy administering for appointments. Get everyone to book online.
Regulate the number of simultaneous reservations and provide automatically correct information.
Integrated video meetings for remote appointments.

Dailyplanner is a full-fledged client tracking system with the focus on efficiently managing customer appointments. Your clients can make direct online appointments without your intervention. The management system gives you flexible options to provide extra services to your clients.
This application is compatible with the European law GDPR


Suitable for every busines size. For small business to multinational.


Cause of our universal and modular setup, we are suitable for every business category.


Owner or employee. We have several roles with their own permissions in the system.


Website builders and administrators can totally relieve their customers.

The solution for your business

Booking a reservation has never been easier. Optionally customers automatically get reminded about their appointments.

We provide a webpage for your company integrated with a beautiful appointment module. You may provide information to your customers there.

Multiple templates are available for your own look and feel.

The widget is easy integratable in your existent website.

We have clear basic subscriptions.
By using additional modules, it is possible to purchase more desired functions. This allows us to provide excellent low price.

  • No subscription fees.
  • All bookings are free within subscription bundle. No percentage of order amount.
  • Free trialperiod.
    There is no notice, the trial will stop automatically.

Look at our features page for more information.


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Our system is ready for use immediately.
After registration, the application is usable and configured with the most common settings for you. The web page for your customers is immediately ready for your appointments.

Not everyone wants the same and therefore the appointment system is very flexible and easy to manage. Several settings may be adapted to your needs.
Among others you can set reminders, openinghours, holiday times, etc. Look here for a list of features.

In the secure user environment you have access to all the possibilities for flexible handling of your appointments.

Module Dossier

Guide your customers with an extensive customer card. Complete and clear history overview with the module "Dossier".

Customer Card with historical overview.
  • Manage your customer information.
  • Historical overview of transactions.
  • Register different types of addresses.
  • Create your own card entries.
  • Mail your customer and register this in the card.
  • Reminder for birthdays.

Module Payment

Offer your customers online payments.
Nice and clear invoices with module "Payment".

Invoice and payment module.
(Price module is excl. costs of your paymentprovider)
  • Present your customer with a nice invoice of the products and services they have purchased. Suitable for digital sending of printing.
  • Let appointments be paid online before they can be booked.
  • Nice reports about the revenue.

Module Voucher

Create your own marketing actions.

Voucher module.
  • Generate more attention through voucher actions.
  • Offer your customers discount with vouchers.
  • Automatically recalculate with discount in combination with module 'PAYMENT'.

Module GDPR

Compatibility European law with module "GDPR".

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • The European law GDPR applies from 25 May 2018. This module makes your environment compatible with the requirements of this law.
  • Right to be forgotten: Complete removal of all customer data.
  • Right of dataportability: All customer data in a nice overview in pdf document.
  • Explicit customer consent: Ask your customer for explicit consent at to process personal data.
  • With this module you get the GDPR module for free.

Module App

A appointment app for your customers.

Customer app for on the phone and / or desktop.
  • This allows your customers to install an app on their device.
  • With this app your customers come directly to the appointment page.
  • Your customers no longer need to make an appointment via your website.
  • On the default appointment page your customer receives a notification about this possibility, so that this can be put into use without any effort.
  • Apps usually work faster than a regular website.
  • With qr code to scan an app on a phone.
  • Additional functionalities, such as remember input values, history.